HSF #7: Tops and Toes

The Challenge: #7, Tops and Toes

Fabric: 100% linen, medium-weight

Pattern: from Katafalk

Year: 14th century. The existing cap is said to belong to St. Birgitta of Sweden, who lived 1303-1373.

Notions: 100% cotton thread. Linen would be more accurate, but I don’t have any on hand and wanted to be economical.

How historically accurate is it? All hand-sewn, and it’s based off an extant piece, so definitely one of my more accurate efforts.

Hours to complete: about three.

First worn: not out yet, just around the house to test it.

Total cost: The linen was a remnant I bought a long time ago, and the cotton thread I’ve had on hand for a few years too. Neither was entirely used up in this project, so I’d say about $3 or 4.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It’s comfortable, and it fits relatively well. If/when I remake it, I’ll try out a slightly lighter-weight linen, wider seam allowances, and attempt the embroidered gap.


My version of the Birgitta cap.

My version of the Birgitta cap.


Inside view of the cap.

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