The purple cotte

Call it a cotte, a Gothic fitted dress, a cotehardie, whatever, but here it is. I took it in about six inches at the waist, pulled the sleeves out partway and took them in, took in the bust at the side seams… Whew. It isn’t a perfect fit again, and I’ll have to do a new version of the pattern before I make another, but it worked pretty good. We went to Ruby Joust today, and snapped a few pics. Also bonus, I was wearing my St Brigid cap.


Upcoming projects

My immediate future plan is to finish off the G63 I have in progress for my husband. Ruby Joust is coming up on Memorial Day, so he’s in need of something new. Also have to make new garb for the kids, who are about six inches taller since last we took them to an event.

But after all that, I get to sew for me again. In view of that, I’ve been perusing the Historical Sew Monthly list.

  • June – Out of Your Comfort Zone: Create a garment from a time period you haven’t done before, or that uses a new skill or technique that you’ve never tried before.

I have never made Roman garb, and it’s the time of year where bog dresses start sounding appealing. So that’s one option. Option two, and far less seasonally appropriate for this climate, is my continued love for Cranach gowns. Alternatively, I could go the “new technique” route, and use the flatwhipstitch hand sewing assembly on a cotehardie. I need to look into that more and see if it post-dates the 14th century.

Which way to go? Not sure how I want to roll. I think a new pin board for inspiration is in order. Two weeks to consider.